Ripcord Arrow Rest Review


I have been shooting the Rip Cord arrow rest since 2006 when I was handed one by my good friend Brooks Johnson.  He and Keith Beam explained to me why they thought the Rip Cord was the best rest on the market and the future of drop away rests.  At the time being I figured it was just a company they were sponsored by and thought I would continue to shoot my Whisker Biscuit.

FastForward to the fall and my first trip out to Utopia, TX to hunt for the 06 archery season.  Somehow I had got in a rush and didn’t quite line the cock vane up correctly with the stiff, black bristles on the Whisker Biscuit.  Now it could have happened for many reasons but upon the release a blue feather went flying past my face and I watched as my arrow made a looping motion toward the animal.  I can remember thinking “I sure hope the arrow misses and doesn’t wound this animal.”

When I got back up to the house I got out my set of allen wrenches and pulled off the WB to replace it with the Rip Cord.  After quickly figuring out that I was not mechanically inclined enough to properly install the rest on my bow, I took my set up into the local archery shop to have the Rip Cord correctly mounted.  Once the archery technician had everything lined out, I took it all back to the house and began paper tuning my bow so I would be able to make the evening hunt.


I quickly knew that the ease and sturdiness of the Rip Cord was going to be a huge selling point for me and within minutes I had the bow paper tuned and shooting better groups than I ever had before.

Numbers allow for ease when paper tuning

This past year Rip Cord came out with a new model called the Code Red.  This model address the biggest issue with the original model, the noise factor.  On the new Code Red the makers have molded a slick rubber piece around the inside of the flipper that allows for your rest to be completely silent when drawing your bow.  With this new addition to the Rip Cord arrow rest, I will now say that I truly believe the Code Red to be the best drop away rest in the archery industry.

Molded rubber makes the rest completely silent in the field


  • Sturdy
  • Quiet
  • Smooth
  • Easy to adjust


  • Difficult to install


For more information on the Rip Cord Code Red arrow rest, please visit

Ripcord Arrow Rest Review  


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  1. I have installed at least 30 of these rests in the last 6 months. I can safely say it is one of the best fall away rests I have seen. In fact, I have them installed on my personal bows.


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